Apliyskiy Business Centre (Saint-Petersburg)

In 2011, INTELVISION LLC launched one of the first energy-efficient intelligent building projects in St. Petersburg – the multi-purpose Apliyskiy Business Center. The contract for the four-storey complex with an underground parking lot of a total area of 4 800 sq. m included design and construction of MEP systems, telecommunication infrastructure, a whole-building automated control system, as well as the implementation of measures aimed at improvement of the building’s energy efficiency.

INTELVISION LLC installed the power supply, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, telecommunication infrastructure, safety systems, and ensured the integration of all of these systems into the building-wide automation and control system. The central automation system is powered by SmartUnity BMS software developed by INTELVISION. There are more than 1 500 tags in the system.

The comprehensive solution was intended to make it possible for all systems to function normally under the 222 kVA limitation set by the municipal electric company. In development of climate systems, a reserve of heating power had to be made, as additional resources will be required for the heating of a mansard which is planned to be added later.

Comfort and safety of the tenants of the multi-purpose complex shall meet the requirements for “A” class business centers. To achieve this, an individual microclimate was created in each office zone, while safety of staff and visitors is guaranteed by a comprehensive integrated security system involving around the clock monitoring.

Operation of the building should provide a fundamental reduction in operating costs, in part due to remote monitoring by the operating organization and automated control of the building.

The Alpiyskiy project won the HTB Award in 2011 for the Best Intelligent Building in Russia.

Private Penthouse (Saint-Petersburg)

A three level elite apartment (590 sq. m) was equipped by the comprehensive automation system featuring 4 227 tags, developed and implemented by INTELVISION.

The property’s control and management system comprises HVAC, power, lights, plumbing, safety and security (CCTV, leak detection) motorized blinds and window openers, underfloor heating/cooling, audio/video multiroom, home theater.

The site also features individual automated local heating plant, automated heated glass units and heated drain pipes and terrasses, and individual weather station.

Thanks to the solutions provided by INTELVISION, the site’s energy consumption was down from 300 kWh to the allocated 150 kWh.

The HVAC solution for the site won the Hi-Tech Building Award-2012 for the Best Home Automated Climate Control.

Aparthotel (Saint-Petersburg)

The site with the a total floor area of 1 800 sq. m is furnished with a comprehensive automated system with 1 820 tags, which comprises HVAC, power, lights, motorized blinds, plumbing, safety and security (CCTV, access control, leak detection, fire suppression), audio/video multiroom, home theater.

The comprehensive automation system for the Aparthotel project won the Hi-TECH BUILDING AWARDS for the Best Home Automation Solution.

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